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Your Danish supplier of mallard eggs for hatching. From a strain of good flyers bred through many years. Registered herd and hacthery.



The egg season starts in February or March, depending on the weather. Eggs are collected every day by hand from the straw nests, followed by a careful cleansing process where the eggs are washed and disinfected – also by hand. Finally the eggs are stored in either plastic trays for our own hatchery or in protective transport packaging for delivery at our customers.


We deliver mallard eggs to customers both in Denmark and abroad and are registered exporters of mallard eggs for hatching.


We have a close collaboration with our trusted forwarding agent and together we ensure safe delivery of our fragile goods on both short and long distances.


The first shipments of mallard eggs starts in March. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on price and delivery. 


The closed straw nests provide composure for the egg laying mother ducks. The straw is  replaced on a regular basis, which both ensures comfort and minimizes damages on the eggs. Moreover te straw keep the eggs cleaer; hence the subseuent handling is minimized.  


we strive to ensure optimal conditions for the mother ducks throughout the seasom, which contibutes with uniform eggs with strong shells. all eggs are hand sorted and any damaged or weak eggs are discarded to ensure premium quality for our customers. We guarantee 90 % fertilization. 


The eggs are carefully packed in strong trays and boxes especially developed for transport. Eack box contains 300 eggs. Our trusted forwarding agent ensures safe delivery of the fragile goods directly to your home adress,

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