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Your Danish supplier of mallard eggs for hatching. From a strain of good flyers bred through many years. Registered herd and hacthery.



At Bakkegaardens Game Birds the mother ducks are distributed on three farms in midt west of Jutland, Denmark. By distribution of the herd on more farms we ensure optimal conditions for the animals, as each herds thereby is smaller; hence the space for each duck is larger. Moreover we believe that the smaller herds improves both the physical and mental conditions for the ducks and has a positive effect on the disease risk that always is associated with animal  husbandry.


On all farms it is possible for the mother ducks to move freely between halls and large outdoor grass areas. The animals always have access to fresh water and feed.   


The distribution between drakes and ducks are 1:6, which ensures a high fertilization rate of the eggs. Therefore, we always guarantee 90 % fertilization on sales of hatching eggs. 

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