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Your Danish supplier of mallard eggs for hatching. From a strain of good flyers bred through many years. Registered herd and hacthery.


Bakkegaardens Game Birds was founded in 2004 and is owned and operated by Frederik Thomsen. Frederik has many years of experience within hatching, breeding and release of mallards. We deliver mallard ducklings and hatching eggs to estates, mansions, hunting consortia and individuals in Denmark and hatching eggs abroad. 


At Bakkegaardens the well-being of the ducks are always in focus. The amimals' well-being is essential to be able to offer healthy and strong animals to our customers. We strive to create a realistic environment for our animals and provide them with optimal conditions including clean water, large pools, dry and clean bedding and high-quality nutrition. 


Frederik is a hunter himself and has many years of experience within hunting and restocking purposes. Frederik lives on Bakkegaardens together with his wife Luise, their three children and the to dogs Kalle and Ibo.

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